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Aurora & Night Sky Tours

'' Join, look up at Troms' night sky with us and get the memories of a lifetime.''


The Troms area is one of Norway's most dramatic landscapes right within the Arctic circle. It is spectacular during the day. At night, it turns into an aurora paradise. Its location right in the middle of the auroral oval offers the best viewing opportunities one can imagine, even when the activity is low. A bit further away from Tromsø, the little light pollution allows you to see many other celestial phenomena like the milky way, meteor showers, comets, galaxies and much more. 


We offer a six-hour guided outdoor tour. Adrien will guide you to spectacular locations around the area to give you the best night time memories to bring home. From there you will learn the stories and science behind the landscape but also the night sky phenomena.

NB: Due to the COVID-19 restrictions in Norway, our field workshops and tours DO NOT include transportation. Customers must follow the guide to locations in their own means of transportation.

  • With whom?

Night Lights' photographer Adrien Mauduit is also an experienced aurora chaser with almost 10 years of expertise in many countries like the USA, Canada, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland. He is a specialist in aurora chasing and received advanced training in the field of Space Weather. Needless to say you will be in some of the best hands in this field! 

  • Where and when?

This tour can be taken alone or in addition to any of our other activities during the aurora season around the Tromsø area (September 1st - April 10th). You can see when we dispense this activity when you book. It takes place around the Tromsø area island and we will convene of a meeting place after booking

  • How?

  • How?

The tour consists of a five/six-hour guided tour. Please note that we only organize tours for those with their own rental cars due to COVID restrictions and personal health reasons. You will simply follow Adrien to the different locations in your own car. It means that Night Lights declines all responsibility for damage, incidents or accidents during the driving part. Please bring adequate and adapted clothing, enough food and water. We will be providing warm drinks and snacks. You can also rent some camera equipments from our headquarters (contact Adrien). 

  • Practical

This service costs NOK 2500 per attending person with a NOK 300 non-refundable, online deposit upon booking. The rest is paid in person upon attending (all major credit cards accepted). By proceeding with the booking you are accepting the terms of payment for the class, as well as the liability/responsibility terms stated in 'How?' above. 
To Book, please send an inquiry to as our schedule is really packed with client shooting. We will arrange a date that fits both Adrien and yourself.

Due to the COVID-19 restrictions in Norway, our field workshops and tours DO NOT include transportation. Customers must meet the guide on location in their own means of transportation.

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