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Orion, l'incroyable constellation du chasseur

December 20, 2017

Découvrez le Grand Chasseur Orion comme vous ne l'avez jamais vu. En nous dévoilant l'anatomie de cette constellation emblématique du ciel d'hiver de l'hémisphère nord, l'astrophotographe Adrien Mauduit nous met des étoiles plein les yeux.

Private Spacesuit Undergoes Zero-G Testing to Prepare for Commercial Flights

November 19, 2017

Next stop, space? A spacesuit from Final Frontier Design did its third round of Canadian flight testing last month in preparation for eventual space tourist flights.

A Stunning Timelapse From Canada

September 10, 2017

Adrien Mauduit is an astrophotographer, meaning he takes photos of the milky way, constellations, meteors, and other phenomena in the night sky. This has allowed him to work in some incredible landscapes, including remote areas of Alberta, Canada shown in this video. After a photography mission with Project PoSSUM studying noctilucent clouds, he took a 3,000-mile road trip and filmed My Canadian Summer. 

This season’s 1st noctilucent clouds

May 29, 2017

Late May is typically the start of the season for noctilucent clouds, aka night-shining clouds. A photographer in Denmark has already captured some!

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