Spring has sprung!

Spring is just around the corner. February is THE month of the year where a lot of spectacular changes are made in Denmark. At the end of the month, we have gained over 2 hours of day light compared to the start, which is huge. This has a huge impact on nature, and especially vegetation around us. Birds start singing differently, but the most striking hint at spring is probably the snowdrop flowers popping up and blooming in the hedges or lawns. Sometimes one is lucky enough to find a flower with a double range of petals, which I find amusing and gorgeous:

Some other flowers are also surfacing at the same time, making a world wintery desolation a more colorful one, and a good reminder that the cold is far from having killed everything.

Winter aconite


It is the first time in month I was able to get my macro lenses out and it got me happy! I can't wait to start shooting bugs and more flowers as the spring develops! Keep in tune for more.

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