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The Slovenian Alps - Europe's best hidden secret

Slovenia. Not to be rude or anything, (and coming from a country that stands just a few hundred kilometers away- France), but I did not know anything about the country, and I had even forgotten the name of the capital city...Shame on me! I had always associated it with eastern-European countries that did not really attract me to visit, at least yet. What a mistake! But I'm also convinced that a lot of locals rely on this error to keep their little treasure hidden from tourists:

Lake Bohinj, Triglavski National Park, Slovenia

My job at my Danish School allowed me to travel to Ribcev Laz, Slovenia with Henrik Wagn, Stine Hagedorn and Rachel Carter and 10 students. Although the purpose of this trip was purely professional, I snuck out a lot from the demanding physical activities to take pictures and time-lapses. As soon as I had a little time, I grabbed my camera and headed out around Lake Bohinj and the magnificent Easter Slovenian nature just waking up from a long dormancy. At night I would sneak out of the hotel, and in spite of a worried front desk clerk, I headed out anyway to go set up night lapses and doze off on the frozen slopes of the mountains. I surely did not get disappointed by the environment, but what struck me the most, was the clarity of the alpine air. It brings a really crisp atmosphere to the picture and a sharpness that I don't get near the ocean. I was able to get shots of the milky way the first night (and yes I got so excited because Slovenia is way more South than Denmark, meaning I would get to see parts of the core of the milky way I have never witnessed before on camera) but the moon overtook rapidly the night sky for the rest of the week, as well as a beautiful mist forming from all the heating that the March sun had done on the lake during the day. I was able to capture a beautiful scenery and I would definitely recommend to go visit this place and, like me, unlock Europe's best hidden secret. March was the perfect time of year to enjoy the area, as the heat and the sun are enough to satisfy most hikers around beautiful trails, it still offers ski possibilities, and way more outdoor activities than one could possibly fathom. I could understand from the locals that they like their secret to remain hidden in the depths of the lake, in a way of preserving their natural park, but this treasure is worth showing off:

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