Summer is kicking in, and it shows!

The weather is definitely bipolar in Denmark. At least at this period of the year! A week ago it was 25 plus and sunny, and the past week has felt like Fall was settling in. However the flora and the birds' songs aren't deceiving: summer is right around the corner.

Late spring afternoon in Odsherred

After a week of absence (and hard work at the school), here I am again. I decided to take a break from my routine to go out and take some shots in a beautiful and lukewarm late spring afternoon. I packed my two cameras and hit the road. I had planned a long time ago to take some scenes in the woods when the wild garlic is in bloom.

It produces these beautiful white carpeted forests and I love it! I went for a ride on top of Vejrhøj, where I could remember that Ramsons (Allium ursinum in Latin, Ramsløg in Danish) was growing at this season.

Wild Garlic

What a surprise when I arrived at the top of the hill! And what a smell! You know this relentless odor of garlic on your hands a few days after you cut it... Well it was all over me now! I could imagine myself on top of a giant garlic bread! I decided to take a few scenes and get away from the strong fragrance, as my nostrils started getting irritated, and my pants were getting covered in yellowish pollen.

Odsherred from above

As I descend the hill, a beautiful view of the district of Odsherred lies right in front of me. It deserves a picture, I suppose! I make up my mind and started driving to Vraget beach where I was going to take sunset shots, but on the way down, I went past a pasture that displayed a rare lupin patch (that usually grow in semi-damp and acidic plains). I stopped and took my camera out! These beautiful flowers are really majestic and remind me of the Canadian prairies of Southern Alberta, on the foothills.

I ended my journey at the beach taking my last time-lapse and a refreshing dip in the ocean at the same time. The sunset was a quiet one, not necessarily outstanding, but still beautiful to gaze at when it reflects its light on the coppery-colored sand. As I finished playing with all sorts of small marine animals tickling my feet, I packed my gear and headed home.

Later on I was hoping to catch noctilucent clouds in the twilight, as I had seen posts about some occurring in the Netherlands on social media earlier that day. No luck for me this time. I will post some pictures as soon as I catch some. Game on!