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Odsherred in summer: a bucket-list destination

The Odsherred area, situated in Denmark, is a little peninsula-like province that is 357 km2 wide and contains roughly 33.000 year-round inhabitants. However its population more than doubles between winter and summer! Copenhageners, Swedish people, Germans and even French tourists! All come to spend a vacation along the seemingly uninterrupted beaches of the coast line during the temperate summer. Although the region is famous for its beaches facing virtually all directions on the compass, it is also renowned for its dried out fjord that made way for a significant domestic agricultural production, and last but not least, its geopark.

The park is UNESCO-classified and protected entity that reveals one of Earth's best geological examples of the footprint left by the Swedish glaciers of the last ice age. If you tour the area, you will be able to stop at remarkable points of interests, which happen to be hints at what has happened over geological times (you can find out more at: or visit Odsherred)

Altitude map of the Odsherred geopark area (credits:

If people don't necessarily come for culture, they are not totally insensitive either to the spectacular beauty of the region. As a matter of fact its popularity is inherent to the special atmosphere given by its landscapes, orientation, climate and animation. After all it is not for nothing that the motto of the Odsherred county is 'Landskabet, Lyset og Livet', translated from Danish 'Landscape, Light and Life'! The period between May and September is the ideal time of the year to witness a real transformation. From the long and dark hours of winter, the prehistorical landscapes take on a new figure when the long days of summer shed a special kind of light on them.

At the core of the summer the sun shines for about 17 hours a day. One can stay for hours gazing at the sunrise or sunset on the ocean. Even when the light fades away, it never really goes out completely.

The night-shining clouds in summer over Odsherred

With Denmark's location on the map at latitude 56 degrees North, summer nights are plunged into an endless twilight, home to the intriguing and mesmerizing night-shining clouds (noctilucent clouds). Witnessing these clouds painting the crepuscular sky with glowing shades from ardent red to icy blue, will have you believe you landed in Jurassic park, if it weren't for the few summer houses around!

In late July, when the nights are getting slightly longer and darker, you should yet refrain from going to bed early. You could be in for a treat...

The area can also host occasional displays of Aurorae borealis that illuminate and tint the baltic and its whereabouts green and pink. Despite their sporadic and announced nature, you can always enjoy a night out around the bon fire, gazing at the bright milky way or Perseid meteor shower around August 11-12th!

Milky way at over Odsherred Geopark

No matter where you are in Odsherred, you will get surprised by its special lighting and mood in the summer days. After watching the little time-lapse video I have been working on all summer, you will surely put Odsherred in your top summer destinations!

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