Discover Mount Jura in the winter as a treat for the new year.

As 2016 is drawing to a close by the hour and while everyone else is partying, photographers still are as busy as a bee. They celebrate in their own way and here is the celebration I wanted to share with you. Kick back, relax and enjoy the beautiful unknown French mountains of Jura in 4K.

Not everyone has the luxury to be able to spend their vacation in the mountains. I love coming back to France to my parents for the holiday, and spend time in their area: in the Jura mountains. The 'Monts Jura' (in French), is a sub-alpine mountain chain located north of the western Alps in France. It peaks at 1720 meters (Crêt de la Neige) and is home to a wide variety of sub-alpine fauna and flora.

As I was spending a few days vacation at my parents' house for Christmas, I took advantage of the location to go out and shoot between all the celebration. The mountain range offers an ideal spot for beautiful landscapes and low-mountain photography and is great for day-light skyscapes. Although the Jura is barely suitable for wide angle astrophotography without light-pollution-reducing filters, it is a great location to shoot forest scenes and fauna.

What I like about the mountains? It is merely a butte where you can take tremendous panorama pictures of the Alps. The just range delivers a 360-degree view and an astounding 180-degree vista over the Alps with the cherry-on-top: Mont-Blanc (4810m) in the background. I was able to capture expansive and wide angle views of the fastly-moving sea of clouds that otherwise cover the Leman lake valley.

You can also witness Geneva turning on its street lights during sunset against the magnificent light-reflected Alps chain in the background. I even managed to capture rare iridescent clouds right above Mount Blanc. In a nutshell, you should probably add the Jura mountains to your itinerary. It also provides ski in the winter and a wide array of outdoor activity year-round! I can't wait to go back and hike the beautiful trails of these mountains!