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Beautiful sub-auroral arcs across the sky: what we know so far about the phenomenon

October 14, 2017

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PoSSUM Airborne Campaign Vol. 2

July 21, 2017

After a week of back to back missions, a new PoSSUM crew takes over the PoSSUM den in High Level Alberta to get a chance to collect even more data. On the agenda: breath-taking NLC displays, raging T-storms and more aurorae. Jump in!



The first five days with Shawna, Casey, Armin and Anima was really successful but went by so fast. They all flew at least once and the next thing you know, they are already gone back to their respective lives. It was such an honor and a privilege to have met and worked with such amazing and intersting people, who came from totally different backgrounds but were all PoSSUM candidates. It was a way for them to put theory into practice and they have worked hard during the first part of the campaign to get valuable data. On day 6th, they left early in the morning, and later that day, a totally new set of people replaced them at the PoSSUM den in High Level, Alberta: Jeremiah, Amy, Heidi, Alyssa and Aaron. The best way to introduce them to you is probably with a short film, so urge you to watch the following VLOG: 


As if it was a coincidence, team 'blue jets' (As opposed to 'red sprites' the week before) had the opportunity to watch NLC's and aurorae on the first day of their mission! The display was really amazing and even though the northern lights were a bit weaker than during the previous week, the noctilucent clouds were way brighter on the other hand! Take a look at some pictures from that night! 



On July 4th, the most amazing display yet occurred in front of our eyes, although no one was prepared for it. We had called a no-go for both teams because of horrible weather conditions that would eventually clear up a bit, but with great uncertainty. At around 1:00 am, I one out on the deck to check (old habits die hard!) and I shouted Jason's name as I'm seeing the impossible: very bright bands peppering the sky in the clearing night sky! Jason and I woke the woke up the whole house to start collecting data! Bjorn came flying out of his interview to get the PMC-Turbo cameras ready, and everyone enjoyed what was the best show of the two weeks from the ground. Even I saw structures (lacunous holes and ripples) that I had never seen before. I even spotted a strange phenomenon that I pointed out to Jason: another NLC layer was moving behind the bright one and is clearly visible in the time-lapse that I put together from that night! Everyone were really astonished by the display, as if they were seeing the ocean in the sky, and so was I! Here are some of the pictures at 500mm from that night. Be prepared to be amazed, or at least confused: yes, these pictures are taken in the sky!