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Revisiting La Palma with a touch of collaboration...

In this VLOG especially dedicated to the behind-the-scenes of my latest time-lapse movie ‘Entre Ciel et Terre: La Palma astrolapse in 4K’ (, I meet up with the world-famous and super talented Alyn Wallace for a 4-day collaboration on this island of La Palma. Together we planned to shoot still photos, interviews, timelapses. The purpose of it was to make you discover the island and its dark skies in a beautiful way, but we also wanted to show you all the other facets of astrophotography. There’s so much more than setting up your camera somewhere and let it shoot. You have to make a lot of sacrifices and investment in time, energy and ressources to get the shots. You’re gonna have to be willing to ‘get dirty’ and have audacity to take innovative and stunning views, and that’s the story we are telling in this video.

It’s also the occasion for you to make acquaintance with Alyn and get to know his astrophotography background. Learn how he managed to get state-of-the-art compositions in no shorter than 3 years and what animates his passion. Please check out all his platforms to discover more of his gorgeous work: Website:



Images speak better than words:

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