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Want to get better at chasing aurora & photographing it?



The aurora chasing courses are back just in time for the aurora season in the higher northern hemisphere! After the success of last year and in anticipation of the demand, we are renewing those monthly courses with some new features. Because the syllabus is quite extensive, we are now offering 3 sessions of 2.5 hours each week for three weeks, which gives better time to learn and digest the information. 

Come and learn how the aurora is created, how it behaves, how to chase it and how to capture it. Click below to learn more and book your session.


Saturday 14 January 2023 @ 2 pm - 4:30 pm CET

Saturday 21 January 2023 @ 2 pm - 4:30 pm CET

Saturday 28 January 2023 @ 2 pm - 4:30 pm CET


Night sky


Learn the science behind the aurora and how to chase it.


For those who are eager to understand the science behind the aurora and  how to chase it in the best way, we offer aurora chasing WEBINARS & SEMINARS at our headquarters, online and on request at special events. These classes are for all levels but adapted for more advanced chasers with a bit of prior experience. Chasing the aurora is trickier than one might initially think and there are important aspects to consider if one wants to be successful. There are also many misconceptions about the aurora and the tools to use to chase it. Come and learn from the best to not only never miss out again, but also experience the best displays while using the most adequate, up-to-date chasing tools.

Participate in our astrophotography workshops.


We offer different sorts of astrophotography workshops for all levels. During the aurora season (Sep-Mar) we teach theory classes in our headquarters and accompanied practice night tours when you book your own stay in Tromsø, Norway. We can also offer on-demand personalized on-location workshop the rest of the year. We also offer year-round online post-processing classes at your own convenient time! Learn the basics of night photography but also tips and tricks to improve it, all from award-winning and world-recognized photographer Adrien Mauduit.

Night sky

media content

License some of the best night sky footage on the market. 

After years of crafting unique astro-shooting techniques in and out of the field in various dark-sky locations on the planet, we now own some of the most detailed and innovative night sky time-lapse and real-time sequences available for licensing on the market. 



Purchase high-quality photographic prints, canvas and digital copies.

Book on-location personalized photography services.


Night Lights is specialized in delivering top-notch night photography services for private customers and companies. It includes astro-portraits under the stars, night photography editing solutions and also customizable photo shoots for special arrangements like parties and weddings. We also offer marketing and branding solutions in B2B. Please contact us directly for any inquiry

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The night sky is science and also Art. Both are really dear to us, so we recently joined the Buy Me A Coffee and platforms. Those are creation and support sites where you can not only view our work, but most importantly support it. Become our Art Patron or member today, and benefit from many exclusive offers and content. 

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What's hot this month ?

The aurora chasing webinars are back!

The January sessions are up for booking!

We are on BBC Frozen Planet II!

We are on BBC Frozen Planet II!

New timelapse and blog post: shooting astro-macro scenes of ice crystals under the aurora

Watch the new sensational docu series on iTVx where we were part of the filming team!

We filmed reindeer under the aurora! Watch the never-seen-before footage:

series cover


Our photography workshops have opened again! Read more to book your spot:

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