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Aurora tourism and recreational activities have skyrocketed in the past decade. So much so that it has overtaken the amount of means put in aurora research, information and prediction. Subsequently, many people travel to see the lights without the crucial elements to succeed in viewing the beautiful phenomenon. There is also a lot of misinformation about the aurora and how to chase it.


That's why we offer a comprehensive two-hour indoor class for both beginners and more advanced chasers. 

NB: Due to the COVID situation, it is now only possible to get one-on-one or group classes on Zoom if you still want to attend. During the summer months, no sessions are planned in advance in our schedule, so please send us an email for scheduling and pricing.


The goal of the class is to give you a visual and didactic understanding of how the aurora works, where it comes from and eventually how to chase it in the best way to never miss it.

  • With whom?

Night Lights' photographer Adrien Mauduit is also an experienced aurora chaser with almost 10 years of expertise in many countries like the USA, Canada, Norway, Iceland, Sweden, Finland. He is a specialist in aurora chasing and received advanced training in the field of Space Weather. Needless to say you will be in some of the best hands in this field! 

  • Where and when?

This lecture can be taken alone or in addition to any of our outdoors tours/workshops during the aurora season around the Tromsø area (September 1st - April 10th). You can see when we dispense this activity when you book. It takes place at our headquartersTo book our online aurora classes, please see our schedule

  • How?

The class consists of a two-hour interactive projected presentation. The slides will be sent to all participant on email at the end of the class. Snacks and refreshment will be provided when the class is taken at our headquarters.

The online version of the class is made via Zoom. We will record the screen to allow you to go back on the course without worrying about taking notes. 

  • What?

The lecture includes several parts. We expand on how the aurora is created from the Sun to our atmosphere, how solar activity influences the geomagnetic activity, the importance of geomagnetic latitude and longitude, the characteristics of the aurora (shapes, colors, behavior), how we typically experience the aurora during the course of a night, what is the best place and time, how to predict it and read the solar wind data. We also go over many useful tips and tricks so that you never miss the elusive phenomenon.  All of the information is smartly connected together and offers you a comprehensive yet easy-to-understand insight on aurora science and chasing. You will be provided with some of the best visuals in the field to grasp the phenomenon! 

  • Practical

The physical lecture costs NOK 1500 with a NOK 300 non-refundable, online deposit upon booking. The rest is paid in person upon attending (all major credit cards accepted). The online version costs NOK 1500 (NO REFUNDS). By proceeding with the booking you are accepting the terms of payment for the class. 

ATTN: Due to the COVID-19 situation, this activity is ONLY available for booking as an ONLINE class.