Reviews & Testimonials

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''We had the chance to meet Adrien and we took an „aurora photo workshop“ to learn how to take pics with our 10yrs old cams. We both were newbies in manual photography and he gave us in very simple steps the right keys to success in the night when lady aurora showed up.

We are so proud, that we were able to catch some good shots by each one of ourselves! We’ll be back and take some more photoworkshops with island excursions next winter! Thank you Adrien, we appreciated your patience with us and your support to learn so easily the aurora photography!''

Best regards from Switzerland, 
Sasha & Veronica

''The pictures and videos from this site are amazing. You watch a video and think it's the best one you've seen but wait because here comes another one even more spectacular''. Blanca Machado from Facebook reviews


''Had the greatest pleasure of meeting this amazing artist. Took a workshop on night photography under him and learned so much. Not only is he exceptionally talented but is also generous with his knowledge.'' Sweetie de Leon Gonzales 

''The visuals are breathtaking-I get lost in the time-lapse magic of the night sky. I check your page nightly-it gives me a sense of peace & serenity at the end of the day.'' Gia Lingardo from Facebook reviews