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The Aurora Chase

General description

An interactive and didactic Apple iBook guide that will help any aurora chaser get the best aurora experience regardless of their level. Inspired from the author’s famous aurora chasing lectures held right under the auroral zone, the book goes in depth about the science behind the aurora, experiencing the aurora in the field and aurora photography. The Aurora Chase strives to answer the most popular questions people ask when they go aurora chasing like ‘where is the best place, what is the best time of year, how can the aurora be predicted, what are the chances to see it, etc…’. The reader will find all the answers in a very easy-to-understand way (system of color-coded difficulty levels). Never miss out again on the aurora with this must-read! It is for now only available for Apple devices but an Android (ePub) version is in the making.

79 pages


Version 1.4

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The Aurora Borealis - Short Guide (PDF)

Always wanted to cross the Northern Lights off your bucket list, or simply want to learn more about this mesmerizing phenomenon? This short 10-page read has comprehensive information on the basics of aurora hunting, as well as useful field tips and stunning visual to help you get ready! It is a much shortened version of 'The Aurora Chase iBook' above, but available for all devices (PDF), more suitable for beginners and first timers! 

10 pages


Version 1.1

28 Mb


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Capturing the Aurora- Short Guide (PDF)

Photographing the aurora can be very challenging, and a lot of first timers usually fail to bring back home good memories from their trip. This short 16-page read has all the comprehensive information on the basics of aurora photography and film, as well as useful field tips and stunning visual to help you take the best shots! It contains some of the information from 'The Aurora Chase iBook', is available for all devices (PDF) and also contains extra field tips and tricks. 

16 pages


Version 1.1

82 Mb