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Becoming a NLF supporter

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Buy Me A Coffee is a creator-support platform like Patreon where supporters can make financial contributions toward supporting an artist. To show your gratitude, you can make one-time donations (buy us a virtual coffee) or better yet, become a member.

By becoming a member, you not only support us on a monthly basis but you'll also get instant access to a plethora of useful services described below. 

Becoming a NLF member 


1-on-1 consulting 

Get unlimited advice & tips about aurora chasing, local weather, locations, accommodation, gear, photography (...) for an upcoming trip, excursion or guiding service.

Service delivered via the BMCA integrated chat or on email. 

Aurora alerts & Space Weather forecasts

Get timely space weather forecasts, solar wind updates and aurora alerts. These are sent manually by Adrien after careful and experienced consideration.

Service delivered only via the BMCA app (Push notifications and chat). 

Get discounts on all NLF tours, workshops & courses

Service delivered via partial refunds when one of our services is booked

Articles & Blog 

Unlock monthly articles and blog posts about aurora chasing, photography, astronomy, the Arctic and more...

Service delivered via the BMCA website and app. 

Discount on Extras 

Get instant discounts on extras including our eBooks and digital files.

Service delivered via the BMCA website and app. 

Free wallpaper 

Get a free phone or desktop wallpaper 


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Partial access


Full access

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