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Adrien Mauduit is a 33-year-old Science engineer, professional photographer, cinematographer as well as a science author. Born in France in 1989, he has always been passionate about nature, space and the night sky. After completing his M. Sc. in Canada, he moved to Denmark to teach Science and Art. It is also where he encountered his first aurora. Adrien found an unconditional and unequivocal love for the mesmerizing phenomenon and bought his first camera to try and capture it.

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Since then, he’s traveled to many countries within the auroral zone like Canada, Iceland, Norway, Sweden and Finland in search of the elusive Green Lady. Today, Adrien made his former hobby into a full-time job based in Arctic Norway, where he permanently resides. He now works relentlessly to produce innovative and educational media of our world under the night sky. 

Thanks to his scientific and artistic pedigree, Adrien always strives to bring the best quality into his work. His many years of experience chasing the aurora under harsh and inhospitable conditions allowed him to get world-wide recognition. Adrien’s aurora and milky way still shots are particularly well known but his innovative astro-timelapse sequences made him a pioneer in the nighttime documentary industry over the recent years. 

Flaring aurora on Senja, Norway

the man behind Night Lights


M.Sc., Photographer, cinematographer, visual science education & communication coordinator, Science author, owner at NLF

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