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Patrons & VIPs

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Buy Me A Coffee is a creator-support platform like Patreon, where supporters can make financial contributions to support an artist. To show your gratitude, you can make one-time donations (buy us a virtual coffee) or better yet, become a member.

By becoming a member, you not only support us on a monthly basis, but you'll also get full access to all our quality articles and blog posts, free extras, offers & discounts on our products.

Each week, we write comprehensive and interesting articles about photography, photo & film tips, aurora chasing, space weather, news from the Arctic...Members' offers include a free digital wallpaper, up to 30% discounts on some of our services, rebated extras (books and guides), free one-on-one advice/tip consultations, and more!

Becoming a member

Becoming our VIP patron

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We recently joined Foundation, an NFT (Non-Fungible Token) and Art platform , where some of our best pieces are curated and put up for auction. 

A collector buying our work becomes a patron, and automatically benefits from free content and very special offers. We will get in contact with our patrons to communicate and make a deal about such offers.

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